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About the Owner

Hello! My name is Trina Miller, owner of FIHS. I am a proud resident of Woodbridge, VA and have lived in this growing community for over 20 years. My passion for beautiful homes started early. As a young child I enjoyed creating pretend rooms with furniture before playing with my dolls. As an adult I was addicted to watching Sabrina Soto transform living spaces on HGTV. I worked many years in the Human Resources field and developed many skills that I use in my home staging business today, such as people, management, and organizational skills! What was lacking in this profession was my need and desire to use my creative skills which I am now able to apply as a professional home stager.


I am a certified Home Stager and have been staging homes in Woodbridge for several years. I specialize in staging occupied homes, which involves using what the homeowner already has and then incorporating amazing art and other décor to enhance the spaces in the home. I have an eye for design and a passion for beautiful homes, and that is what makes me an exceptional Home Stager!

Not everyone has the budget to make their homes look like a model home. But, what every homeowner can do when selling their home is to make a good first impression on buyers. At FiHS, we provide our customers with suggestions on depersonalizing, decluttering, rearranging and repurposing. Then we stage it and make it photo ready for online presentation.  Our goal is to make your listing stand out from your competition and to help you get your listing sold fast and for top dollar.


FiHS strives to help homeowners sell their property to get a full price offer in a very competitive market with simple, reasonable staging techniques. FiHS also helps customers who want to transform their home through redesign to live and enjoy their renewed investment.



To educate every seller about the importance of Home Staging, whereby staging a home is the first thing done before a home is presented to potential buyers. We believe every house is sellable. Our staging plans are designed to appeal to most buyers. We trust that after we stage your home, the right buyer will make you a full price offer!

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