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What is Staging?

Staging is not decorating. Although there are some components of interior decorating used in the staging process, staging and decorating are two very different things. When you decorate a home you do so to meet the owner's personal taste. When you stage, you create a vision of the home to appeal to potential buyers.

The Staging Process


Depersonalize. We recommend you remove family, religious, and personal photos. Show off your space, not your personal belongings.

Declutter. Your moving, right? So, you should pack away everything you don’t need.

Neutralize. We suggest you tone down vibrant colors. Don’t let your color preference turn away a potential buyer.

Clean, clean, clean. We recommend you hire a professional to make your house spotless. Buyers see everything!

Stage. Finally, we will make a plan to ensure buyers have a memorable first impression of your home, one that will turn your "For Sale" sign to "Sold".


Top 3 Reasons You Should Stage


#1 - It Decreases Selling Time

Home staging decreases the listing time, homes that are staged sell faster than homes that are not staged. As reported by ®, “94% of ASP® Staged Homes sell on average in 29 days or less.”

#2 – You Will Get a Return on Your Investment

Not only does Home Staging help to increase the sale of your home, it provides the 2nd highest rate of return on your investment and it’s cost effective ( Inc.).

#3 – It's Cost Effective

Investing your money upfront in Home Staging will cost you less than your first price reduction. For example, a 10% price reduction on a home listed at $200,000 is $20,000. The average staging cost is less than $2,000. Visit for the most recent percentage of price reductions in your area.

Why You Should Hire Us


  • You Need a Fresh Perspective: You live in your home everyday, so you may not notice any issues. We will provide you with feedback that a potentional buyer may see before they view your home.

  • You Don't Have the Time: You're busy with many responsibilities and you don't have the time to devote to staging. Let us save you time so that you can do the things that are most important to you.

  • You Don't Know How: We are staging experts, our creativity will provide buyers with the first impression they are looking for to envision themselves living in your home. Remember, you only have one chance to make a good first impression!

Staging Works! We urge you to stage your home before you list it. If you do you will get a return on your investment with a quicker sell, more full price offers, and/or more money for the sell of your most imporant asset, your home!

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